Pembroke Road


Client:  Aylesbury Vale District Council (AVDC) 

Project Value:  £8m

Status:  Planning 

Services provided: Project Co-ordination, Employer’s Agent and Quantity Surveying services
A need has been identified to accommodate growth within the AVDC district over the next 10 years and to reconfigure the layout of the existing depot to optimise the site and to mitigate environmental impacts.
As part of the redevelopment there will be erected new commercial vehicle MOT and testing facilities, which will bring about additional revenue for AVDC.




Pembroke Road




Challenges of the redevelopment are the need to maintain the operation of the existing facility which will see the works being undertaken over several phases and the fact that the site is bounded to the north and the south by two small rivers which have a history of flooding.
CIPS are providing a full Project Coordination, Employer’s Agent and Quantity Surveying service to AVDC.  



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