Marlowes Shopping Zone, Hemel Hempstead

Client:  Dacorum Borough Council 

Project Value:  £4m

Status:  Completed 2015

Services provided: Employer’s Agent and Cost Management services  
The £4 million public realm regeneration of the Marlowes Shopping Centre Zone in Hemel Hempstead was commissioned by Dacorum Borough Council to boost footfall for the town by making its new High Street open and attractive while linking it to the town's Water Gardens and also to create a safer environment for shoppers and children with improved pedestrianised space and limited traffic access.

This was the first UK project to feature landscape architectural practice, Broadway Malyan's 'play on the way' concept with play equipment installed along the length of the street to attract more families and increase dwell times.

CIPS continue to provide Dacorum Borough Council with ongoing advice relating to the Project through its rectification and maintenance periods.





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