Grosvenor Hall, Haywards Heath, East Sussex

Client:  Rosehart Properties Ltd

Project Value:  £8.5m

Status:  Completed March 2017

Services provided: Strategic Development Monitoring services
The conversion of Grosvenor Hall, in Haywards Heath, West Sussex, a former late 19th Century Victorian nunnery for the Community of the Holy Cross, a convent and a girl’s orphanage into luxury residential accommodation.  Grosvenor Hall had been converted into offices in 1980 and has been converted into 8 luxury houses, with a further two detached existing houses and a further 3 new-build houses (yet to be constructed) together with new private landscaped gardens, a garage block and outbuildings.



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Originally constructed as a convent, many of the original features such as stained glass, decorative panelling and original wall painting remain, the design, by DLG Architects, has been flexible in responding to original features as they have been discovered.  
CIPS were asked to become involved with the Project when it was already well into construction to provide key Development Monitoring services to the Client on the Phase 1 refurbishment to completion.



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