Salford Shopping City, Re-roofing Works, Salford


Client:  Salford Estates (No2) Ltd

Project Value:  £1.36m 

Status:  Ongoing 

Services provided: Project Management, Employer’s Agent, Quantity Surveying services
Landlord works to completely re-roof a shopping centre  comprising  approximately 84nr. retail units in 6nr. separate blocks comprising 31nr. individual roofs including asbestos removal and other remedial works to safeguard the concete structure containing high alumina cement. High performance single layer roofing membrane overlay to existing ashalt roof  including repair works and new detail to castellated parapets.   Significant amount of Landlord and Tenant roof mounted mechanical and electrical plant, sprinkler mains and other protection insatllations requiring temporary removal and reinstallation to faciliate the re-roofing works.



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