Holly Road Houses, Twickenham, London

Client:  Fowler Holdings Ltd

Project Value:  £1.42m

Status:  Completed December 2016

Services provided: Project Management, Employer’s Agent, Quantity Surveying services
The design and construction of 2 nr. semi-detached dwelling houses (1 x 3 storey and 1 x 2 storey buildings with basement and 2 x rear light wells and landscaping), on the site of an old car park in Twickenham with associated external works and services.
The development is in an extremely confined site bounded on three sides by other residential properties in a very narrow one-way residential street requiring detailed negotiations with the LPA on deliveries and other site construction logistics.
In addition to the logistics of a very tight site, the design and construction was also made more challenging by the need to preserve the one tree of significance in the street requiring very careful design and construction and the need to negotiate drainage rights over third party land.




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