University Campus Aylesbury Vale


Client: Aylesbury Vale District Council
Project Value: £14.5m
Status: Completed September 2015
Services provided: Employer’s Agent


The design and construction of a new higher education facility following the selection of the Waterside site in Aylesbury as the chosen location for the National Enterprise Academy’s (NEA) first dedicated building. This £14.5 million project aimed to stimulate further economic growth in Aylesbury and across Bucks by offering a number of courses which are directly linked to meeting skills needed by local industry.




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The campus comprises a four-storey building, which includes educational facilities and public amenities including two restaurants, a cafe and a new public square.  The new campus will expand the higher education offering for local residents, providing teaching space and break-out areas for students and staff.

The Campus development consisted of a phased construction programme split over three phases:

  1. Extensive advance enabling works including the construction of a feature pedestrian bridge; improvement works to a canal head and the construction of an access road and associated engineering works;
  2. The construction of the new university building including associated services; infrastructure and shell accommodation for food and beverage retail outlets; and
  3. The completion of extensive public realm areas and external work.



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