Project Management / Project Co-ordination


We can offer a full project management service:  employing the other consultant disciplines on behalf of the Client.  Alternatively, we can act as the project co-ordinator: assembling the consultant team who are then employed directly by the Client.  Whichever route is preferred, we act as the conduit by which the objectives of the Client are communicated to the consultant and contractor teams.

We see it as our role to create the environment and structure so that everyone involved with the Project can deliver of their best. This is achieved by making certain that the delivery team has a full understanding of the drivers that underpin the Project. We lend our experience and skills to managing the process; to ensuring that timely decisions are made and then communicated clearly and efficiently, and to monitoring that information flow between the Client, design team and contractors suits the needs and constraints of the Project.

Our experience, diversity of skills and background and open-minded thinking, allow us to manage risk and opportunities and to deliver project solutions that best suit the needs of our clients.  We harness strong technical and organisational skills which are supported by robust management and quality control systems and a clear commitment to successful project delivery.



Full list of Project Management/Project Co-ordination Services


Project Management and Project Co-ordination services can include the following:



  • Strategic development advice.
  • Viability and feasibility analysis.
  • Development appraisals.
  • Development programme management, maintenance and review.
  • Development brief preparation and management of the cost constraints.
  • Consultant selection and appointment.
  • Management of site investigations, surveys, services diversions and network reinforcement strategy, procurement and implementation.
  • Management of the acquisition of third party property rights.
  • Design management and co-ordination.
  • Programming and resourcing.
  • Construction contract advice.
  • Management of the procurement of the works.
  • Cash flow and development cost control.
  • Employer’s agent and contract administration.
  • Commissioning and handover.
  • Integration and co-ordination of third party works.
  • Finalisation of construction final accounts.


Other Services