Dispute Resolution / Project Recovery


Fact: not all projects go according to plan; however well they may be set up.  This can be due to a number of reasons but whatever the cause, the Client needs to know that the Project is recoverable.

In addition to getting involved in Dispute Resolution, our skills extend to providing Project Recovery services helping project owners, banks and other funders to take control of troubled building projects and get them back on track.  

We will work with you to create a clear strategy that identifies and prioritises the key project drivers and we can offer an organised and systematic overview to analyse the risk, liabilities, build quality, compliance and costs within the troubled project to stimulate recovery with a minimum of disruption.



How is this done?

We can:


  • Review the scope and status of the Project and responsibilities of team members to determine issues which need immediate attention.
  • Review the Project Programme, cost and control procedures.
  • Undertake a costed risk analysis for the Project.
  • Look at the culture and skills of team members and their contribution to the Project.
  • Advise the Client on the need to replace or repair team members.
  • Create a framework to take the Project forward with recommendations on the processes and systems that should be considered in the short, medium and long term interests of the Project.