Development Management


Our development management services can take a project from inception through to completion and hand-over. We can manage the team and any third parties and negotiate all the necessary consents for the Project. We can recommend how the Project will be delivered based upon our knowledge of the entire development and construction process.

Whether your organisation is in the private, public or voluntary sector we can assist you with your property development objectives.

Our service can be tailored to suit your own in house capabilities and the other consultants who you may already have in mind.



Addressing each stage of the development process our involvement may include:

The Development Process


Initial concept consideration

  • Market research.
  • Site identification.
  • Initial development appraisal.

Site acquisition strategy

  • Identification of size, location and budget.
  • Instruction of land agents.
  • Market research, comparables, demographics, planning potential.
  • Development appraisal.
  • Site selection.
  • Negotiations/options, agreements.
  • Outline approval
  • Consultation with the developer’s team on development configuration.
  • Consultant terms of appointment.
  • Initial consultation with the Local Planning Authority.
  • Procurement of
        -  Sketch plans/elevations.
        -  Development programme.
        -  Feasibility estimates.
        -  Risk registers.
        -  Due diligence.
        -  Tax considerations and tax planning.
        -  Updating development appraisals.



Planning Permission


  • Advice on the need for specialist planning advice
  • Consideration of planning strategy
  • Procurement of the planning submission and supporting documentation


Development Agreements

  • Consideration of development agreements and options
  • Consideration of development vehicle – Joint venture, SPV and the like

Project Implementation


  • Advice on additional specialist consultant input and the developer’s preferred team.
  • Consideration of specialist surveys and investigations to reduce risk.
  • Procurement options and strategy.
  • Risk and opportunities management strategy.
  • Consideration of Third Party Rights.
  • Consideration of development finance options