We have been receiving many entries into our Photography Challenge Competition and, as always, it has been hard to pick a winner - but not that hard, as Sue Graham wore the CIPS jersey when she took part in the biggest bicycle race on the global calendar - in South Africa! 





Sue told us that it had been a long cycling ambition of hers to take part in this 110km ride, so, in March, she set off to South Africa where she was joined by 37,000 other athletes from around the world including James, an old family friend of hers from the area,  to take part in this ride experiencing  spectacular views and scenery through the hills and up the peaks around the beautiful city of Cape Town! 


The notorious Cape winds challenged the riders on the day with 40 mph gusting winds making it an even more satisfying achievement. The ride was interspersed with some sightings of baboons & penguins to add some distraction from the hammering winds & Sue was, of course, sporting the CIPS cycle jersey which generated several conversations along the way! 


At the end her top doubled as swimming attire for a very welcome dip in the pool to cool off whilst celebrating with a glass of bubbles!! 



Well done Sue!

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