With life slowly starting to return to normal with the UK easing out of lockdown, the Construction Leadership Council (CLC) has published a Roadmap to Recovery outlining plans for a post Covid-19 revival of the UK Construction sector.


The CLC’s Covid-19 Task Force ‘has laid out proposals to secure the future of construction businesses nationwide, while setting the industry on a sustainable path towards recovery.’ The task force is now engaging with Government to test how the plans proposals might be delivered.


The roadmap sets out a three-phase recovery plan over a two-year period, summarised as: Restart, Reset and Reinvent. 


Industry Recovery Plan (pg 11 of the CLC Roadmap to Recovery document)


Restart (1-3 months)


  1. Restart work on all projects and programmes and increase this to the highest level possible consistent with Government guidance.
  2. Maximise employment of all those working in the construction industry and supply chain.
  3. Minimise disruption due to contractual disputes.

Reset (3-12 months)


  1. Demand and Pipeline - demand and supply-side measures to increase workload across infrastructure, construction, housing and domestic new build and RMI. Develop a robust pipeline of work across the whole construction ecosystem, including contracting, SMEs, merchants and manufacturers.
  2. Productivity – new approaches will be needed to compensate for the loss of productivity due to the requirement to implement Government guidelines across construction and the built environment.
  3. Professionalism – investing in training, collaborative business models, fairer contracts and payment.

Reinvent (12+ months)


  1. Transformation – sustain economic growth through the adoption of digital and manufacturing technologies to consistently deliver low carbon, sustainable and better quality outputs and outcomes.
  2. Value – adopting procurement models and approaches across the industry and clients to deliver better value and whole life performance.
  3. Partnership – stronger partnerships between the industry and its clients, supply chain firms, investment in upskilling the workforce.

An executive summary of the proposals has been produced by Build UK for their members and the message from Suzannah Nichol MBE, Build UK Chief Executive is positive and encouraging for the sector:


The coronavirus crisis has shown that construction really can do things differently, and the Roadmap provides a clear plan not only to get the industry back on its feet but make change ‘stick’ for the longer-term sustainability of the sector. It is up to each and every one of us to grab this opportunity, lead the infrastructure revolution, and create the legacy of a strong and sustainable industry for the next generation.”


Whilst this has perhaps been written from the perspective of Contractors and Suppliers to the Construction  Industry, we nevertheless think that, from the Consultant and Client side, there are valid points that we should look to build upon as well.  Indeed, we believe that the 3-step approach outlined by the CLC with its associated timescales is a useful framework which we find to be reasonable and realistic.


So much so that, at CIPS, we are setting ourselves the challenge of reviewing our own business, and our business with our partner firms, on this basis.


Lets hope that, as Build UK says, the outcome of this surreal and extremely challenging period of our lives will be “a more capable, professional, productive and profitable sector, which delivers better value to clients, better performing infrastructure and buildings, and competes successfully in global markets”.

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