New advice on safe operating on UK Construction sites has recently been updated by the Construction Leadership Council.


There have been a number of articles in the media about this new updated version of the Site Operating Procedures (SOP) causing some to  comment on the lack of clear instruction suggesting that the guidelines are still too open to interpretation. 


Construction News yesterday produced a detailed report analysing the new updated version and included comment from Dan Preston, from law firm Fieldfisher, who told Construction News that the more detailed advice was welcome but added that too much was still left to interpretation.

"In some places the guidance is arguably less clear, such as replacing the guidance 'to introduce' staggered shifts with a recommendation to 'consider introducing' such working patterns,” he said. “At a time when the industry is desperate for clear guidance, version three of the SOPs may leave some underwhelmed."


We are pleased to share a link to a guide to these latest procedures created by our good friends at Ashridge Surveyors and with whom we have worked on many occasions. We hope this guide will be useful to our Clients and Contractors alike.


Ashridge SOP Version 3 Guide


With the UK Construction Sector contributing so much to our economy and in 2019* accounting for:

  • Economic output - £ 117 billion (6% of UK)
  • Jobs - 2.4 million (7% of UK)
  • Businesses - 0.34 million (13% of UK)

it is good news that the construction sector can continue to operate within these latest guidelines. However, it can only do so only if it can put safety first and without there being room for ambiguity. All of which may lead some to think that this may not yet be the final version of the Site Operating Procedures. Let’s wait and see!


* Source: House of Commons Briefing Paper Number 01432, 16 December 2019 Construction industry: statistics and policy.





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