Charity Photography Challenge - RUNNERS UP!


We have received some great photos from our friends and colleagues and here are a few showing the CIPS jersey travelling around Europe and Asia.  Keep sending in those photos and hopefully once the weather improves, we will have many many more!

Nigel and Janie in Albania


Janie and Nigel cycled on a self organised tour of 380km / 240 miles climbing  5100m / 17000 ft across the little explored Albania that took in two UNESCO sites, Berat and Burintt. This was followed by a beach visit where two CIPS shirts created a spur of the moment Sarong, finishing the trip in an idyllic beach location under a natural arch.







Warren in Hong Kong


Warren popped over to the UK for a visit, got taken out on a couple of long rides with the boys and, in compensation, was given a CIPS top!  He wore the top proudly on his return home to Hong Kong and flew the CIPS flag for us in Asia.  He may even get invited back for more cycling torture in the hills of Surrey!

Rebecca Janman Cycling in Freezing Temperatures in The UK in February!



Rebecca bravely went for a ride on 25 February and wore her jersey (with added base layer and gilet as it was freezing!) and she told us she managed 21 miles before her toes nearly fell off - bring on the summer!

Current Winner: Sue Graham in Cape Town



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